Smart Homes For Seniors

Smart home technology can be a valuable resource to help seniors live more independently and offer peace of mind to their caregivers. Technology can be effectively leveraged to tackle the struggles faced by those looking to age in place in their own home.

Security can be a significant concern for seniors. Video doorbells can allow a resident to talk with someone at their door without the need to open the door. They can also automatically send a recording of anyone who approaches the home to a loved one or caregiver.

Connected pill containers assist wither reminders to take your medication and alerts if any doses are missed. Smart blood pressure cuffs and glucose monitors can track readings and provide valuable insight to treating physicians.

Smart smoke alarms and CO2 monitors can send a mobile alert to a caregivers phone if the need arises. Smart lighting can be programmed to operate via voice and according to a programmed schedule providing added comfort and security.

We’d love to put together a custom plan to meet the needs of any senior to improve their quality of life!